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We're dancing at a new venue this weekend, and we'd love to have your join us!

As a reminder, our November 2nd dance is a Harvest, costume dance and will be held at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church located at 14175 NW Cornell Blvd, Portland OR 97229. This dance is a donation only dance, so it's a great opportunity to bring lots of friends. There will be a costume contest with prizes, and we'll also be having appetizer potluck (so bring something to share)  We'll be providing the November birthday cake.

The dance floor is enormous and will be great. Lots of good parking! Pass the word!

Dancing through life,

Dancing through Life,

Kevin and Sheryll Fong


CCMfriends is non-denominational, with roughly a thousand "unofficial members" who are mostly Christian and mostly single.

We welcome non-Christians, couples, and married folks as well.

We usually hold twodances each month in the Portland Metro area.

Our goal?  To share Christ in having a fun time together!

Upcoming Dances


Saturday, Nov 2nd at Prince of Peace  Lutheran Church located at 14175 NW Cornell Rd, Portland, OR 97229

This will be a harvest costume dance. Bring your friends! 

Marcus Sterling will be teaching the lesson, a swing dance.

Saturday, November 23rd at the Milwaukie Community Center

Carol Wrolstad will be teaching the lesson

Saturday, Dec 7th at the Milwaukie Community Center

Rish and Miki will be teaching the lesson

Saturday, Dec 28th at the Milwaukie Community Center

Carol Wrolstad will be teaching the lesson

Saturday, Dec 31st at Oaks Park

Bring in the New Year with us at the Oaks Park Pavillion. The dance begins at 7pm with a lesson. Marcus Sterling will be teaching. We'll have appetizers throughout the evening.  The Seymour and Smith Band will play for a couple of hours, and Tim Swan will be DJing the remainder of the evening.

Kevin's Corner


Hey friends, try this: take three pennies. Spread them out to form a triangle, with each penny about a foot apart. Make one of them represent you. Make another represent a romantic interest. And the remaining one is God. Move yourself towards God. Then move the romantic interest towards God too. As you both get closer to God, what happens to the two of you? You get closer to each other. How about that? And because you used pennies to demonstrate this fact, it all make cents! See you all soon.


NEXT CCMfriends DANCE : 

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

(Check here for the Calendar)

(*couples welcome, too)

Code of Conduct

"We reserve the right to refuse admittance to the dances to anyone whose behavior the CCMfriends leadership team believes is disruptive to the environment we provide for Christian singles." 

Visit the Code of Conduct page for more information.

Welcome to 

About our staff:

CCMfriends'  Co-directors are Kevin & Sheryll Fong of Beaverton.  Kevin & Sheryll met at a CCMfriends dance in 2003.  They stepped into their new roles as co-directors in October 2009. You can reach Kevin at 503-319-1951

CCMfriends' Volunteer Coordinators is Margie  Migriallles.  If you are interested in volunteering, please give Margie a call at 503-547-5575

CCMfriends is supported by a committed crew of volunteers who devote anywhere from an hour a month to 20 hours a week of their own free time to the cause. Thank God for volunteers!

Sheryll & Kevin Fong


Kevin & Sheryll Fong

(503) 319-1951 /


Sheryll Fong

Principal Broker
Keller Williams Sunset Corridor
(503) 939-2221

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of Christians and non-Christians through the fun of dancing, while honoring God.


*Couples are always welcome with their partners.

Christian Singles Dances in the Portland Metro Area (Portland, Tigard and Milwaukie)

Need a DJ? 

For a DJ

Call Tim Swan


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